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Foreign Language Classes

UP! Your Languages is the latest service launched by UP! Your Education. We strongly believe in learning languages from an early age. Every child has the potential and the ability to learn different languages quickly and correctly.


Play is very important for a child's learning and development. It helps to develop self-esteem by giving the child an idea of his own abilities and to feel good about himself. Because it's fun, kids often get very engrossed in what they're doing.

Young children can develop many skills through the power of play, especially language skills, emotions, creativity, social skills and much more. The game helps to nourish the imagination and give the child a sense of adventure. In addition, it helps them develop their ability to concentrate.

Regular support and learning from a native teacher allow each child to progress and acquire a solid foundation.

All our language workshops are designed based on the above objective and under the guideline of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

We also organize courses in our school to support the ambitions of the establishments in their educational projects.


Our workshop:

  • For young children, we focus on stimulating their rhyming sense through songs, storytelling and learning by playing simple interactive games.
  • Gradually from elementary school onwards, we design the classroom with a wide variety of activities, role plays, arts and crafts, the objective of which is to promote imagination and oral expression to through structured sentences. We will also introduce grammar, comprehension and writing throughout the process.
  • The weekly program of 1 to 2 hours incorporates specific educational objectives to reach level A1 of the CEFR, then over the year some of the level A2 objectives.

For school:

Each child is unique and each school has its own project and its own goal. We work hand in hand with the teaching team and the supervisory team, to complement the action of the Institution at the service of the child, to promote his development and enrichment.

We organize thematic language workshops according to the desired needs:

  • As part of the school or extracurricular program
  • During meal times (before / after the canteen)
  • Evening after school from 4.30 p.m.
  • 1 or more times a week